She´s next of kin to Lisbeth Salander of the Stieg Larsson Millenium series. She listens to Rammstein and is an accomplished MMA fighter. As her name suggests she can be hard, and when cornered by bad guys, a relentless force to be reckoned with. Erika is also a driven, hard working and well respected criminal inspector at the serious crimes unit in Stockholm City.

But she has another side too, where she´s insecure and almost frail. 
Erika is afraid of falling in love, and has a troubled releationship with her mother. She then meets Alice by almost driving into her on the street, Alice who has had no lesbian relationships before Erika.
And with her, this fear of trusting love gets challenged.

Like with other Scandicrime novels, investigative police work is at the center of Curare. When the first brutal murder of an elderly man in the wealthy part of town, turns into a series of horrific killings, Erika and her team are challenged. At the onset they´re totally clueless.  The slaughterlike homicides resemble nothing she or her forensic doctor has seen before, but eventually the killer starts communicating with them in his own way. And then the hunt gets reversed. The table turns on the police hunting the perpetraitor, and Erika becomes the game herself.

is also a story of revenge. Of how the most hurt and ignored child may be the one who never forgets, and one day claims retribution. Creates their own day of judgement, and passes punishing justice in it´s most unsolicited and raw fashion.

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